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Are There Any Health Benefits to Eating Magic Mushrooms?

Are There Any Health Benefits to Eating Magic Mushrooms?

Are There Any Health Benefits to Eating Magic Mushrooms?

Beautiful, soft, and now one of the most sought-after item for its wide array of health benefits.

Magic mushrooms are a must-have for the unique experience they offer users. Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, are either wild or nurtured. They contain psilocybin, a natural hallucinogenic and psychoactive substance.

Psilocybin is the key factor in Magic mushrooms hence the reason why therapy sessions using Magic mushrooms are called “Psilocybin therapy sessions.”

At such sessions, the patient who requires therapy lies on a couch with eyeshades and headphones while calm music plays in the background. There will be medical personnel as the patient basks in the feel of the Magic mushroom session.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in the mushroom or “Shrooms,” as it is often called. It can alter a person’s perception of time and space, leading to mystical experiences.

Read on to find out the several health benefits of Magic mushrooms. Why is it so important? Let’s get answers.

Reduces depression

Depression is a major cause of poor mental health, and mental health is now a threatening pandemic waiting to explode if not properly checked. According to a Healthline Report, psilocybin therapy is viewed as a “Breakthrough therapy” that may be fast-tracked by the FDA to treat depression.

Happy people are healthier people, and depression makes it difficult for people to be satisfied. So once depression is treated, a person has a higher chance of living a happy and stable life.

  • The cessation of smoking and addictions

If you have been dealing with an unhealthy life pattern, addiction, or habit, you may be able to get help from the psychedelics Magic mushrooms. The substance in Magic mushrooms has been shown to help treat addictions such as addiction to nicotine and cocaine.

Amanda Feilding, a vital part of the Beckley Foundation in 2008, planned a joint venture with John Hopkins University on a pilot study to investigate psilocybin. The research aimed to see how psilocybin-based psychotherapy can help with overcoming nicotine addiction. Such research strengthens the impact of psilocybin as a breakthrough enabler for substance abuse.

  • Easing cancer-related distress

Magic mushrooms have shown a lot of prospects and promise within cancer research with exciting results. Most cancer patients deal with an overwhelming sense of anxiety as they worry about nearing the end of their time on earth.

Psilocybin treatment has been proven to work on aiding ease from such cancer-related distress and anxieties. Some patients who have experienced the impact of Magic mushroom will feel much more at ease which also boosts their chances of responding to treatment.

A trial at John Hopkins University in 2016 discovered that one dose of psilocybin improves the patient’s quality of life despite dealing with such a life-threatening disease.

  • Increases “openness” with your personality

We are all born open with an eagerness to connect and love others. But as we grow, we become hardened and close up our hearts to others. For example, a person who experiences heartbreak refuses to fall in love again, and then we face a series of adverse events which make us close-minded.

In such cases, psilocybin can be very helpful as a 2011 study reports that researchers observed increased openness with patients after using a high dose of psilocybin at a therapeutic session. Openness here, therefore, means having a more optimistic mindset towards new experiences.

The aftermath of using Magic mushrooms also includes a burst of creativity and heightened imagination, leading to aesthetic appreciation. In nearly 60% of the study participants, this feeling of openness remained higher than their base level for one year after the session.

  • Improved mood

Charles Grob is a Professor at UC and Los Angeles School of Medicine who has treated his patients with psilocybin that treats cancer anxiety. He agrees that studies on patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer from the 1950s and 1060s show that patients who used this treatment option experienced ease from anxiety.

Such patients also had improved moods with better quality of life after the shrooms treatment. He further asserts that the studies show promising treatment options for clinical conditions which are sometimes complicated to treat.

Dr. Grob says that when Capable hands use psychedelics within safe conditions, many therapeutic breakthroughs can be achieved. He is not the only medical doctor giving credence to Magic mushrooms, which is one reason why there is so much focus on shrooms today.

The relationship between Magic mushroom and cannabis

Recently cannabis and Magic mushroom have taken a prominent space online and offline as many more people are beginning to show interest in both substances. Marijuana and Magic mushrooms are both gifts of nature and are reshaping the world of recreational relaxation.

As countries globally and states in America seek to legalize marijuana, experts are beginning to predict that Magic mushrooms may experience the same fate soon enough. More studies and research showcase the health benefits of shrooms and cannabis, with curious consumers wanting to give both a try.

Both substances are not artificial; they come from the earth, thus giving us a natural way to relax and feel at ease. People can microdose on both substances, and they are a sure path towards enjoying relaxation and laughter.

Shrooms and weed also have some medical qualities. While cannabis has its potent CBD that enables relief from insomnia and PTSD, Magic mushrooms are known for aiding comfort from depression. Both marijuana and Magic mushrooms expand a person’s mind, with CBD allowing marijuana and shrooms offering psychedelic hallucinations.

Lastly, you don’t get a hangover from using cannabis or Magic mushrooms which is a massive advantage over alcohol. Instead, you will feel groovy the following morning, which is nothing compared to the incapacitating hangover you experience with drugs and alcohol.

Bottom Line

Something is exciting about a Magical mushroom experience: you get to use a gift from nature that promises several benefits most of which have been discussed above. If you haven’t used it, this is definitely the right time to give it a try.



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