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“Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.”
- Benito Juarez


We are inclusive - we are and always will be a humanistic and an inclusive community. We want you and everyone to be part of our just cause.

We are resilient - our cause goes beyond all political, sociological, or technology changes.

We are service oriented - our customers are the end benefactors of our community.

We are inspiring - we want to inspire everyone, not only those who believe in what we believe.

We are supportive - we want to support and guide those who may need help from us. We are also supportive of your own ideas and your contributions to our community.

We believe - that communities are the route to change on a grand scale and therefore we encourage you to actively participate and engage with other members of our community. 

We ideal - to de-stigmatize the use of herbal, we know that change is not only possible, but inevitable.

We dream to one day be able to enjoy herbal without judgement.

From a very young age, many of us have been taught about the varying consequences and stereotypes that are tied to herbal use. We have been taught to believe that herbal should be avoided in the same way that we fear opioids, and hard drugs like heroin or meth.

Consequently, putting the same label on all drugs causes mass amounts of misinformation to the public. This affects our society in tremendously different ways from misuse, lack of research, to crime, and corruption.  The misconceptions we have been fed about plant herbal and other natural substances are now being widely debated. These days it is difficult to ignore the massive wave usage of herbal and even psychedelics such as psilocybin.

MOTITA wants to be a part of the change to help remedy the name and show that herbal use can be HEALING and PRODUCTIVE.

herbal is an ancestral healing plant that has helped millions of people connect to themselves and help them with mental illness at any scale and that it could help millions of others going through the same healing process. (insert research article that supports claim here to encourage people to look further into the information.)  This can lead to real change; it opens pathways to more research being done on the healing properties the herbal plant has; which can lead to even more research on other healing substances like psychedelics.

MOTITA does not promote any of our information to be used in lieu of medical attention or advice. We are not medical experts nor are we trying to be, but we do believe that people should be able to enjoy herbal and its variations of products, without judgement from their community.

Please read and understand FDA Disclosure


  1. EGO does NOT work HERE.
  2. Our PURPOSE is a HOLISTIC well-being and individual HAPPINESS.
  4. Personal GROWTH is the highest PRIORITY of MOTITA.
  5. You can LEARN new SKILLS in any area at any time.
  6. It requires FOCUS and DISCIPLINE to learn and master new skills.
  7. It doesn’t matter who you are, actually DO NOT BECOME a someone, REMAIN AUTHENTIC.
  8. What matters is what you can CONTRIBUTE and how HARD you are willing to WORK.
  9. See BEYOND your CURRENT SELF to the opportunity of becoming the BEST VERSION of yourself.
  10. Our place of work is a SAFE PLACE to make MISTAKES.
  11. Mistakes are a great TEACHER to those who are willing to ADMIT that they’ve made one.
  12. SHARE the LESSONS LEARNED from your MISTAKES with everyone around you.
  13. Failure is TEMPORARY, just like success, learn to move quickly beyond It.
  14. Everyone has something to TEACH YOU, learn from whomever you can.
  15. We do NOT make EXCUSES, ever.
  16. Any obstacles can be OVERCOME, see above.
  17. Do NOT build your self-esteem around being right all the time, this will lead to poor decision-making.
  18. DO build your SELF-ESTEEM around identifying the right answer and pursuing it faster than anyone else.
  19. Have very CLEAR and DEFINED goals.
  20. PLAN and EXECUTE on that which moves you TOWARD your GOALS.
  21. Do NOT act on that which moves you AWAY from your GOALS.
  22. Only work in an ENVIRONMENT that is moving you TOWARDS your GOALS.
  23. We are HUMANS who WORK HARD and SMART.
  24. Passion will drive you to reach your goals, PURPOSE will keep you up fighting to reach your goals.
  25. We INSPIRE EVERYONE around us.
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